Installation and usage methods for automatic drinking bowls in cattle farms

Automatic drinking bowls for cattle are now widely used in modern pastures, with automatic control, instant water output, fresh water quality, and convenient hygiene.

The cattle farm selects cast iron drinking bowls, and when receiving the product, it is necessary to first consider how to install the drinking bowls reasonably and what to pay attention to.

Installation method of drinking water bowl

Cast iron drinking bowls are generally installed at the back end of the bowl body, usually with four installation holes. According to the design layout of the pasture, they can be fixed to the pipe fittings of the fence or to the wall, providing a relatively reasonable drinking position for livestock.

Installation height of drinking water bowl

The installation height of the drinking water bowl usually needs to be considered based on the type, size, age, site construction, and other factors of the livestock being raised, in order to facilitate the smooth drinking of livestock.

Attention should be paid to the installation of drinking bowls

Ensure that the water pressure is used between 0.2Mpa and 0.3Mpa (tap water pressure is about 0.14Mpa). If the water pressure is too low, it will affect the water outlet speed and cause insufficient drinking water.

Filter valves need to be installed on the water line to prevent foreign objects from blocking the copper valve outlet.

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