2022 China Dairy Industry Exhibition

The three-day China Dairy Industry Conference and China Dairy Industry Exhibition have come to an end. Autumn is the season of harvest, and looking back on this exhibition, we have gained a lot.

Wenfeng Industry participated in this exhibition with original imported large fans and intelligent electric cattle body brushes/pillar cattle brushes/drinking bowls and other equipment, attracting the attention of many ranches, customer groups, industry peers, and media friends.

Excellent equipment quality and reliable after-sales service have accumulated more and more customers for Wenfeng Industry. During the exhibition, the popularity of the Wenfeng booth has been constant, and on-site communication and consultation have been frequent. Wenfeng's family has always been enthusiastic about explaining products to every customer, patiently answering their various questions, carefully listening to their demands, and actively providing suitable solutions for customers.

Through this exhibition, Wenfeng Industry has reached cooperation intentions with many ranches and distributors. Thank you again for placing orders and inquiring about the appreciation of visiting friends during the exhibition.

The company has established a technology center to strengthen the informatization and digital upgrading of products. It is committed to providing a scenario based scheme for animal welfare in the pasture through automated, intelligent and international equipment and services such as cattle body brushes, large fans, and animal drinking water products, creating an international national brand, helping make in China, and building a road for the vigorous development of China's dairy industry.

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