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Plastic water bowl with brass tube valve—2.6L

Model Weight(KG) Capacity (L) Water flow rate Material Color Suitable for
TJ- 10121 1.25 2.6 7.2L/min (0.2Mpa)
8.4L/min (0.3Mpa)
Bowl and Tongue: PE
Valve: Brass
Green Cattle/horse/sheep

Automatic drinking bowl performance

Water bowls were first used in Europe more than 100 years ago to ensure healthy drinking water for cattle and reduce water waste.

Water bowl design location of farm: can be installed at the entrance and exit of milking parlour, next to the open cattle stall, sports ground, outside the cattle collar, bolting post, sick cattle area, fenced area.

We can design a water bowl installation scheme for you according to the situation of your ranch.

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