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Customized Milking Machine

Low Noise

Nice Appearance

Easy To Maintain

Safe And Light Opearation

Reduce Lobor Cost

Product Information

Product Name

Milking machine


single barrel piston milking machine
double barrel piston milking machine
vacuum single barrel milking machine
vacuum double barrel milking machine

Product Features

Mechanized milking is designed according to the physiological phenomenon and sucking action of dairy cattle.Proper use will reduce the incidence rate of breast M,improve the quality of fresh milk,reduce the content of bacteria,improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.Mechanized milking is the way to develop dairy industry in China in the future.

01.Electric machinery

Low voice is more quiet,cows will not be frightened.take care of your cows!

02.Stainless steel milk barrel

Good quality,anti rust.

03.Milk tube

Food grade milk tube,safe and hygienic.

04.Milk collector

The gentle liner that delivers bothgentle milking and high performance.

Scope of Application

Suitable for cattle,goats,sheep,camels,donkeys,horses,etc.

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