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Model Diameter RPM MAx.Air Volume Application Area Noise Weight Power Voltage
FA224-70 7m 55rpm 13500m³min 1200㎡ ≤55db 99KG 1.5KW 220W/380V
FA224-60 6m 65rpm 11200m³min 1000㎡ ≤55db 94KG 1.5KW 220W/380V
FA224-50 5m 65rpm 9200m³min 800㎡ ≤55db 89KG 1.5KW 220W/380V
FA224-45 4.5m 70rpm 6800m³min 600㎡ ≤55db 86.5KG 1.5KW 220W/380V

The advantage of TONJUN Super quiet HVLS fans

Air Equipment

Multiple combinations: all-round, multi-scene, no dead corners, enhanced air circulation.
Creating a natural and comfortable living and production environment for the pasture.

Super quiet HVLS fan application

Energy-saving HVLS fan is a fan specially designed for large space of pasture . It uses HVLS technology (High Volume - Low Speed, high air volume, low speed), and with the cooperation of professional large fan blades and motor, pushes a large amount of quasi-natural wind circulating airflow, effectively solving the problems of hot and humid space and air layering. To provide cows with a full range of comfortable natural wind, reduce cow stress. It is now widely used in European pastures.

Solutions & case

Our professional designers design a reasonable HVLS fan layout scheme according to the actual situation of the pasture, To achieve optimal ventilation in your pasture. We are committed to keep the air in your pasture natural unimpeded, is a quick exchange of air inside and outside the pasture, so that cows can enjoy a full range of comfortable natural wind.

HVLS fan installed in milk hall

HVLS Fan in collective bed

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